Frequently Asked Questions


Will my card be charged at the time of booking?

Nope! We don't charge your card at the time of booking , your card is only used for guarantee to hold your rooms and is passed securely on to your hotel. 

Where can I book shuttle?

You can book shuttle at the end of your hotel booking process, or go to our shuttle page and book anytime!

How does the shuttle work?

You pick a point where you want to be picked up and dropped off by the shuttle bus, then  our partners at Rally take you to and from the track! Yes it's that easy! 

How early does the shuttle arrive if I have a pit pass?

We arrive about when the gates open, so you have plenty of time to register your pit pass and join in on all the fun! Leaving early also helps avoid the peak traffic - plus more time to enjoy Dega. 

Is there a schedule for the shuttle?

Yes! Once it's closer to race time a bus schedule will be finalized and Rally will keep you updated. For a 2:00 PM race for example they will depart the hotels near Birmingham about 7:00 AM. Please check with your Rally App or booking email for details. 

What if i want to stay closer to the track?

Hotels near the track are usually more expensive - sometimes 3-4 times their usual rates. We don't offer hotels the track feels are overcharging their loyal fans. That's why we strive to give you the best deal on hotels, with the best locations.